very woman is unique, and every woman shines like a diamond. In this vibrant world, women are sometimes sexy, lively, and elegant. How can we perfectly present every women’s spark?

Due to biological changes, women will experience different role changes during their growth. At the same time, they also need to deal with various occasions in life. In the fast-paced daily life, time and efficiency are more important. How can we be compassionate to women’s needs across the board, from adolescence to pregnancy, from the workplace to fitness, and from dating to marriage?

We have been thinking about whether we can create a lingerie brand that can show the different charms of a woman, and make it practical and convenient for women to buy and wear while maintaining good-value pricing.

The EVAVAE brand was established in 2022 and is one of the brands of Kinnette, Inc. The brand name is a combination of EVA (feminine) and VAE (vivacious, attractive, elegant), and we strive to “make every woman feel beautiful in every way.”

Vivacious, Attractive, Elegant

We have done a series of research, trial, and selection of products; and meticulously selected and sincerely produced them in terms of quality, comfort, fabric, and style.

To all women, we need your support. Please allow us to accompany you and take care of your lingerie needs. We believe we’ll understand you better through your participation, purchase, and interaction. This will motivate us to design more quality and suitable products for you in the future, to develop products that are tailored for you.